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Toy Chica (my version ) by Lunehedgie234
Toy Chica (my version )
The fnaf character would now be in my version.
Ugh bad quality, I'll try my best to take another pic.
Now to do the rest.

Toy Chica: you're here
Toy Freddy: n/a
Toy Bonnie (male and female): N/a
Bb: N/a
Marionette: N/a
Golden Freddy: N/a
Tiffany (fc): N/a
Tiara (fc): N/a
Mangle: N/a
Foxy: N:a
Chica: n/a
Freddy; n/a
Bonnie: n/a
purple guy: n/a
Lune (a.k.a: moon -3- BML) by Lunehedgie234
Lune (a.k.a: moon -3- BML)
this is a bad quality, I'll try to take another pic.

ok here we go.

Lune is known as "lady moon." I think, she always is girly and when it comes to fights the thing she hates the most when someone shred her dress.

Lune rarely  puts on her armor (even though you force her to she will refuse to wear it.)

she may be sweet but she's tough as a cookie. 


ill draw her armer soon.

Armer: N/a
Toy Freddy, Tiffany, and the kids by Lunehedgie234
Toy Freddy, Tiffany, and the kids
Toy freddy belongs to: scott cawthon
Tiffant belongs to: me and the random kids.
and yes Tiffany is standing on a box' i was too lazy to do the background.
i think i should start making the background.
last night i just decided to do this.
now to do more fnaf shippings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i support:
Bonnie x Chica
Golden Freddy x Toy Chica
Toy Freddy x Toy Chica
FoxyxToy Chica
My version of toy Chica and toy Freddy by Lunehedgie234
My version of toy Chica and toy Freddy
Yep I ship em.
i decided to make my version of toy Chica, I failed badly  
yes a ask them question or dare will be coming out soon.
Fnaf toy Chica and toy Freddy  belongs to: Scott
{skylar} by Lunehedgie234
Miss-spells: daddy's little girl
pfft I don't know this should be my pairing child.
now to do my favorite shipping child 

This is toy freddy and my fc Tiffany child

toy Freddy belongs to: Scott 

now to do my fnaf shipping and child 
The past {Five Nights At Freddy's 2} page 1:

This is about the death of the 2 teens who was murdered by the purple guy and the animatronics were upset. (Page 2 coming soon.)

Withered Freddy p.o.v. 
It's been so long since we all have never seen our best friends first girl had she has a natural gold which Golden Freddy was friends with her and the second girls that Tiffany walked in with she  she had natural red, what was their names again..... Oh yeah! Their name was Tiffany Maldonado and Rosa Rivera, I don't know why but people usually calls her Tiara. Anyways Golden Freddy was never mean and cold-hearted, he was once a nice bear...

*flash back*
Tiffany entered with Rosa (Tiara), Tiffany sat on a table so did Rosa, they've waited for the boss to come out of the office. Tiffany was next to Rosa with a frown. "Tiffany what's the matter?" Rosa hugs Tiara and she whispered in Rosa's ear. "My dad raped me again... And now I'm carrying his child..." Rosa eyes twitched of anger "that's it Tiffany, your living with me!" Rosa hugs Tiffany "Rosa no I can-" "no Tiffany I can't stand seeing you upset." Tiffany froze with little tears.

Chica p.o.v
I heard crying but I thought it was one of the kids who was crying. I was wrong, the teenager girl with gold hair that was crying, so I started to walk towards them "excuse me are you two girls ok?" The girl with red hair looks at me "I'm ok, is the manager of the pizzeria here because we were the ones who called about the night shift job." "Of course, he's in the office talking to his wittle mommy~" 

Tiffany and Rosa started laughing as the manager opens the door and was waiting by the entrance. "Excuse me sir!" The manager turns to see the red hair teenager girl walk towards him "are you the manager of this restaurant?" "Yes I am my name is mr. Senpai,  and you are?" "I'm Rosa but feel free to call me Tiara and my friend who next to me is Tiffany." The manager snapped his fingers "ah, so you are the 2 girls that I was expecting!" The both nodded and walked in the office

Freddy p.o.v
I saw the 2 girls walking in the office and I also saw Chica squealing in excitement "Chica why are you happy?" "Because the girls will be in the night shift!~" I saw her ran off happy, I whispered to myself "I want them both gone, I can only trust Mike...." Bonnie heard me "but boss what if their nice?" "I don't care I just want them gone!" I saw Bonnie got off the stage to play with the kids

(Time skip to 11: 59pm)

Rosw and Tiffany was sitting in the office  and Rosa was talking to Tiffany  about the baby she's carrying, the clock hits 12:00 am and Rosa check the camera, hm odd Chica moved first,usually Chica moves second. Doesn't matter, I hear Chica knocking on the door "can I pwease come on?" Rosa just opened the door.

Chica p.o.v
I saw that she just opened the door, I was happy when she opened the door because every girl security guard would shut me out or cuss me out or they will think they will kill me so I ran in " what are you girls doing?" The golden haired teenage girl with purple dye looks at me "just talking about some problems." "Oh ok, I'm Chica and you are?" Chica gives an adorable look "I'm Tiffany and my friend next to me is Rosa but feel free to call her Tiara." Chica hugs them "adorable names!!~"

Time skip to 5: 40 am

Rosa was sleeping and Tiffany was asleep, she was checking the cameras until she heard a giggle, she closed the camera to see golden Freddy "h-hello you must be Tiffany?" "Yes it's me" Tiffany sits up "you seem nice ms. Tiffany" "thank you!~" they both chatted until it hits 6:00 am "oh man I gotta go. Golden Freddy frowns "ok bye!~" Tiffany wake up Rosa and left with her.

Next night

Rosa was relaxing on the night shift while Tiffany managed to be friends with Freddy and everyone's friends even Rosa. 
"Everyone." The girls look at the animatronics "yes Rosa and Tiffany?" "You guys are the best."

*End of flash back*

Withered Freddy's p.o.v
"I-I miss her..." I started to tear up "foxy, Bonnie, Chica, golden Freddy, and I were her best friends...  "Why does life gotta hurt!" I felt someone's hand on my shoulder and I looked to see who it was, I saw Chica "boss it's ok I miss her as well. In fact we all miss her"


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