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Ok switching to Rp mode....

Lune: oh crap.....

Foxy: (was running on the west hall)

Lune: Kadence close the door now!!!!

Kadence: I can't it's jammed!

Lune: oh shit! (turns on the other light and Chica was their) OH SHIT!!!!!!

Kadence: ! (A video ad plays the song: Miley Cyrus wrecking ball) god I hate that song!

Chica: (saw Miley Cyrus naked on a wrecking ball, burst screaming and runs to the stage)

Lune: 0_0 Kadence that song saved our life!

Kadence: cool! Hmm I wonder.....( turns on the other light and Bonnie was their) not so fast! (Puts on a video of Miley Cyrus trying to "twerk" and shows it to Bonnie)

Bonnie: 0_0 (runs and screams back to the stage)

Lune and Kadence: (laughs and sees the video and screams)

Foxy: (hears the screaming) ugh I think I should go check what The new security is up to. (Gets out and runs and gets in the office and screaches)

Lune and Kadence: (screams while Foxy screaches)

Foxy: (goes to them and puts the hook by Lune's neck and was grabbing on to Kadence) who are ye' scalawag's and what happen to Mikey?!

Kadence: I don't know who's Mikey but were the new security guards!

Foxy: (looks at Kadence) what are you land lubbers name?

Lune: Lune

Kadence: Kadence.

Foxy: (glares at Kadence) don't ye' dare lie to me!

Kadence: no really, I'm  Kadence!

Foxy: (sees her necklace lock and snatched it)

Lune: (sees golden Freddy) ! (Restarts the video of Miley Cyrus twerking and shows it to Golden Freddy)

Golden Freddy: !!!!! (Screams like a bitch and disappears)

Foxy: (saw the necklace was a match and gives Kadence the necklace and sat next to her)

Freddy: (pops out of no where and does a jump scare)

Kadence: (shows a picture of Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball Naked to Freddy)

Freddy: !!!!!! (Screams and runs off)

Lune: XD

Foxy: (hugs Kadence)

Kadence: (eyes widen and hugs back)

Foxy: I missed you lassie...

Kadence: Foxy I got question

Foxy: yeah?

Kadence: (was going to say something but it hits 6:00 am) dang it!

Foxy: (gets up ) well see you lassie's tomorrow.

Kadence: ok

Foxy: and Kadence?

Kadence: yeah?

Foxy: can you let me in Tomorrow?

Kadence: ok

Foxy: (runs to the pirate cove)

Mr. L: (walks in) hello! How Was the night shift?

Lune and Kadence: (growls and gets up and goes to Lunes car)

Mr. L: I'll take that as a no (chuckles)

Lune: (takes Kadence home)

Kadence: thanks for taking me home.

Lune: np (makes it to Kadence home)

Kadence: (gets out of the car and goes inside the house, closed the door)

Lune: (drives off)

Kadence: (locks the door and goes to her room and flops on the bed and starts to sleep)
I'm probably gonna Change her abit...
Fnaf: My Friend Foxy pt. 3
Kadence looks around the pirates cove and noticed the camera broke
"Hmm I can fix that~"
Kadence grabbed a ladder and face it to the camera and climbs on it,and gets it and she starts humming her song

She sings This Day Aria   )

She spent her time fixing the camera instead of looking around, Foxy was peeking through the curtains. Kadence has a strange feeling that she was being watched and she turns but Foxy wasn't looking.

TIME SKIP- 10:59pm

Kadence finally finishes the camera and puts the camera up,goes to the ladder and climbs up and puts it back where it was, she hears a growl and she quickly ran out of their.
Lune was making pizza 4 of them so they doesn't have to be starved in the office.
"Umm Lune?"
Lune looks
Kadence goes to her
"I heard a growl at the pirates cove and is this the last pizza?"
Lune nods
"Yes it is."
Kadence sighs  and sits down, Lune goes to sit next to her
"It's ok I'm here theirs nothing to be afraid of. Was it a normal growl or a dark growl?"
Kadence looks down
"A dark growl."
Lune eye shrinks
"Oh, well let's not over think it."
Kadence smiles and nods
The oven rings when the pizza was done Lune gets up
"I'm gonna get the pizza"
Walks to the kitchen to get the pizza
Kadence looks around and gets her phone, calls her mom to buy chips, hangs up.
A minute later

Aj came and gave Kadence the chips and hugs her and leaves, Lune comes back and saw the chips
"How did you get the chips?"
Kadence giggles because she thought Lune knew
"I called my mom to buy some chips"
"Ah ok"
Lune looks at her watch
"Well let's go to the office because it's about to be time for us to do the night shift."
Kadence nods and walks to the office with Lune Lune sets the food in the office and saw Kadence watching the camera
"Uhh Lune.." She shakes and was worried now
"Yes Kadence?"
Lune looks at her
"Where Bonnie?"
Kadence looks at her
Lune turns on the light and Bonnie was their
Kadence and Lune started to scream
Lune smacks Bonnie
"What the hell is wrong with you! We just got here from doing stuff besides it isn't time yet! It's 11: 45pm, Fucking 11:45 PM!!!
Bonnie gets scared and nods and runs off to his stage,and waited until it's time
Kadence looks at Lune
Kadence laughs
Lune laughs as well
Kadence waits until 11:55 pm
Lune did the same thing
"Their is pizza if you want some"
Lune got pizza
"Hey save some for me!"
Says it playfully and gets some pizza

It's 11:55 and the phone rings
Lune looks at it and it went to the voice mail
After that voice mail they looked at the camera and Chica was gone
Lune and Kadence freaks out and they forgot to check the pirate cove

An hour later

"Lune we forgot to check the pirate cove!"
Lune eye shrinks and checks the Pirate cove and their eye shrink and their heart beats fast and they were all worried
Fnaf: my friend Foxy pt.2

KG wakes up and goes downstairs and sits on the table and drinks his coffee.
Kadence finished her breakfast
"Ok mom, I'm ready."
Aj gets up and kisses KG's cheek
"I'll be back back."
KG noded and Aj leaves and gets in the car with Kadence, started the engine and drives off to a near gass station where Lune is
"So mom is this my job in the gas station?"
"No, it isn't."
Lune walks to them from the car where Aj is
"Hello Aj and Kadence"
Lune smiles
"So Kadence are you ready?"
Kadence gets out of the car and goes to Lune
"Yeah :3"
Aj smiles
"Well I'll see you later"
"Ok mom"
Kadence gave Aj a kiss in the cheek, Aj smiled and drove off. Kadence looks at Lune
"So where's the job?"
Kadence looks at Lune
"Well come on I'll show you"
Lune takes her to Freddy Fazbear Pizza, Kadence eyes widen
"This place?!"
Kadence looks at Lune
"Relax it's only for today that you're helping me, don't be scared"
Kadence looks at Lune
"I'm not scared this is awesome!"
Lune smiles
"Well this is my first job as well."
Kadence chuckles
"Did the right choice though~"
Lune and Kadence walks inside Freddy fazbear pizza
"Ok today "our" boss is gonna introduce us the characters name."
Kadence nods and Mr.L come in
"Hello Lune" he looks at Kadence
"Is she you're daughter?"
Lune froze
"Uh no, she's also here for the job"
Mr.L thinks he perks up
" Oh! You must be Kadence!"
Kadence nods
"Yeah I'm Kadence."
Mr. L looks and gets up
"Ok now I'm going to show you the characters and the names."
He leaded them to Freddy,Chica and Bonnie
"Ok the bear is Freddy, The bunny is Bonnie and finally the chicken is Chica."
Lune looks
Mr. L nervously said
"Don't hurt them Freddy, Chica and Bonnie, ya hear?"
They didn't respond but the boss said it the second time
"What about the pirates cove?"
Lune looks at Kadence
"Wait theirs a pirates cove?"
Mr. L eye shrinks and gulps,sighs
"Yes, follow me."
Mr. L takes them to the pirates cove and opens the certains and their was Foxy  stood their. Lune eyes shrink
Kadence saw that he still has the necklace she gave him when she was 4, mr. L nervously said
"Don't hurt them ok Foxy."
Mr. L looks at them
"This is Foxy"
He repeats what he said not to hurt them.
Lune shrugs Abit but ignores it
"So when do we start? "
Kadence looks
Mr. L
"At 11:50 pm, if you want you can look around. I got to get going and when you're in the office don't leave out of their."
Mr. L rushed out of their
" well where do you wonna look?"
Lune looks at her
"You can look I'll go check the pirates cove"
Lune looks
"Ok but if you're in trouble come to me or scream. If you need anything, call me."
Kadence noded and goes to the pirate cove
Fnaf: New Friend

Kadence won the game called 5 nights at Freddy's and she jumps up and down.
Thor runs down and knocks at her door.
"Sis,can I come in?"
Kadence looks and she sits on the bed.
"Yeah you can."
Thor walks in
"Mom wants you in the living room, and Kadence"
Kadence looks at Thor
Thor grabs the ipod
"Can I play 5 nights at Freddys game?"
Kadence turns to the door
"Yeah you can but if you don't like the jump scared then volume it down."
Kadence went to the living room
Their was Aj sitting their  and saw Kadence sat down.
"So mom, is their anything you want to tell me?"
Aj looks
"Yes, Lune called and wanted to know if you want to be her assistant as her Night shift."
Kadence thinks
"Do I have to stay up?"
Aj looks and chuckles
"Yeah, it's starts at 11:55pm to 6:00 am."
Kadence cheered
"Finally a job that I can stay up all night!"
Aj looks at Kadence necklace and it was a lock necklace, she has a picture of Foxy.
" I see you still got the necklace that you gave to Foxy when you were 4."Kadence smiles and looks down at her necklace
"I do."
Aj kisses her cheek
"We will start tomorrow ok sweety?"
Kadence smiles
Kadence gets up and goes to her room and Thor was playing
"Hey Thor I'm going to bed."
Thor looks
"Ok but can I still play the game?"
Kadence lays down
"Yeah but just remember to charge it."
Thor nods and gets the charger and left to his room and charges it to play

Next morning.

Aj made some breakfast and puts the food on the table and goes to Kadence room and knocks
"Wake up Kadence,breakfast is ready."
Kadence wakes up and gets ready and wakes up and goes downstairs.
" is dad awake?" Kadence looks at Aj
"No, but he will in a minute."
Aj makes coffee for KG and her. She goes up in the room to wake up KG
"KG, honey wake-"
KG was already awake and pulls her to him and kisses her.
Aj eyes widen as if she didn't see that coming, KG chuckles and sits up on the edge of the bed where Aj was and hugs her.
"Morning babe."
Aj looks and hugs back and chuckles
"Morning" she kisses his cheek and got up.
"Btw KG you're breakfast is ready."
Aj walks down stairs
Fnaf: My New friend Foxy
Aj belongs to: me
KG belongs to: :iconprincesayaimy:
kadence and Thor belongs to: :iconlunehedgie234: & :iconprincesayaimy:
I'm probably gonna Change her abit...


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im kesha759's sister :3


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